P-Cube supplies products of excellent quality to the broadcast and related industries, at a price competitive with the market. We strive to be the technical leader for the industries in which we compete and to be responsive to customer requirements. At P-Cube, we maintain a competent, well-trained work force with a strong work ethic, whose members will share in the profit from our business.

P-Cube, Inc. was founded in 2012 by Spencer Smith and partners. The company focus is the design and manufacture of high-quality passive radio frequency transmission components and systems. The business has developed a complete line of FM and television broadcast cavity filters for use in mask protection and combining systems. In addition to filter components, the company has developed other products based upon customer request including RF patch panels, lowpass filters, hybrids, and RF adapters.

P-Cube, Inc. offices and manufacturing facilities are located in Raymond, Maine, USA. P-Cube, Inc. currently utilizes 6,000 square feet of manufacturing space with access for expansion to 29,000 square feet in the present facility. The company has complete facilities for machining parts, welding and soldering assemblies for final assembly, and performing final test of its products.

P-Cube, Inc. has design and manufacturing capabilities for the following: